Wonderful Teachers and Winding Down For Summer

Gorgeous thank you

Gorgeous thank you

Today my daughter has her ‘Moving Up Day’ at school, when she will spend the day with her new teacher for next year. I can’t believe it came so quickly. Any regular followers of the blog will know that I didn’t take to school very well (slight understatement, as I ended up on medication to handle the extra stress of the school routine) so it might come as a surprise that I am sad the year is over and I will miss Reception and the teachers.

We took leaving gifts in today, even though there is still more than a week left, because there are so many other things going on between now and next Wednesday. I nearly cried when my daughter’s teacher hugged me and said thank you for choosing to send my daughter to their school (she knew it wasn’t an easy choice).

It shows you get out what you put in. It’s important to me to build strong relationships with the people who are in loco parentis for my children. I felt like I was being a pain, constantly talking to the teachers, double-checking everything, basically being that controlling parent. Clearly I haven’t been that annoying! And, for me, it has been returned ten fold.

Thank you card

Thank you card

My daughter’s teacher often goes out of her way to reassure me that my daughter is happy, well rounded, well liked. The teaching assistant listens to my rambles every day, and makes sure my daughter is happy and settled.

And, on Friday, when my daughter sobbed because she didn’t get the year one teacher she wanted, her Reception teacher took us through to meet the teacher she’s been allocated and they both spent ten minutes reassuring my timid daughter that she’ll have loads of fun next year.

To do such a thing at 3.45pm on a Friday, when suffering from laryngitis, shows care above and beyond expectations. As a result my fearful daughter, who has been crying about going into year one since Christmas, said “I’m so excited about Moving Up Day.” What more could a mother want?

This morning the teaching assistant, who has held my daughter’s hand at drop off every day this year, and talked me down off the edge more than once, said, “I’ve been worried about your daughter all weekend.”

Bless them all.

And so we wind down for summer. Not the best start, with Daddy having tonsillitis, but we’re muddling through. Loom bands have been ordered to keep little hands busy, craft has been stocked up and the paddling pool purchased.

For the lovely teaching assistant

For the lovely teaching assistant

All writing projects are on hold, although I’ve spent the last few days enthralled by the K’Barthan series by M T McGuire (you are personally responsible for the filthy state of my house, I’ll have you know!) does that count as working?

The blog will be sporadic in the coming weeks (nothing new there!) especially as I can’t seem to work on the iPad since I foolishly gave in and upgraded to ios7. I’m hoping to get in a few posts about days out and book reviews, but I’m going to give myself a holiday too.

It’s been a long and stressful year, with lots of achievements and a few battles. I feel like July might become my new Year End, when I take stock and down tools. It’s only six weeks, and I’m going to try and enjoy it with the children.

Of course, I’ll be on here moaning how they’re driving me mad in a couple of weeks, but for now I’m looking forward to a change of pace.

Happy holidays!

9 thoughts on “Wonderful Teachers and Winding Down For Summer

  1. So glad it all worked out. And the card is fab. That writing! Wow. For what it’s worth, my boy is going up to year two and his writing is nowhere near as good as your daughter’s 😉



    • She was included in a writing booster group this term, because she is so enthusiastic (she wants to be a writer like Mummy!) and it’s helped loads. I’m really pleased because I find it hard to encourage her at home because my need to correct her spelling and punctuation take over! 🙂

      • My son can write quite neatly when he chooses to. When he chooses being the operative phrase there and he certainly can’t write quickly. Oh and Thanks for the book mention. I’m glad you’re enjoying them. 🙂



  2. It sounds like your teacher and assistant worked out well after all! But I also think you had something to do with it, by talking to them a lot (I assume you did; I don’t know) Anyway have some good times with the children. I hope your husband feels better soon!

  3. It sounds like your kids are doing great! It’s possible your daughter’s teachers might be glad you take such a strong interest in your child’s schooling. I’ve heard complaints from teachers about parents who aren’t involved, but none about parents who were too involved. 🙂

  4. What a lovely, positive post! I also worry about being the “controlling” mum, but I think teachers (good ones, anyway) can see the difference between being a mum trying to genuinely do the best for their child, and one that just wants to be in control. You are very lucky to find a school that cares so much! Enjoy your summer x

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