Please Help A Fellow Blogger

Donation page

Donation page

It’s no secret that I love the blog Miss Fanny P, as I often share bits here on Writermummy. Miss Fanny P is one of a handful of people that I’ve ‘met’ since I started this blog that has come to feel like a close friend. She is a talented writer and photographer and her children are adorable (and say the funniest things.)

A few days ago MissFannyP was burgled, with her son waking up to find a man in his room. Everything of value was taken, including baby photos and other irreplaceable things. The worst part is that – due to a paperwork error – they aren’t insured. I have set up a crowdfunding page to raise money for her to replace the things that can be replaced – camera, laptop etc. The lost photographs can’t be, but we can help her take more.

Please, every pound will help (and if you’re from a country that can’t donate through GoFundMe please contact me and we can sort something). This is link:


13 thoughts on “Please Help A Fellow Blogger

  1. Dear Amanda
    Thank you so much for sharing this and for setting up the page. I have managed to buy myself a second hand phone and am now at least contactable if i leave my “scary” house. Thank you so very much. There are not enough words XXXX

    • Yeah, that was kind of my fault as I mentioned the blog on the fundraising page, not realising it was anonymous. She said she was happy to take a break from blogging but I felt bad that I inadvertantly deprived us all of an amazing blog. Hopefully she’ll be back blogging soon, but the burglery has hit her hard.

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