Quick post – Lulu.com promotion

The Lulu discount code

I’m feeling very positive towards Lulu at the moment as they printed and delivered my last proof book in less than a week (it arrived only one day after my Mum’s birthday and the book was a last minute gift for her so I was doubly happy.) Therefore I’m willing to give Lulu a glowing recommendation and also to add that they’re currently offering 20% off anything on their site. The offer is valid until 16th November. This is the email I received from them:

For 5 days only, Lulu is offering you a chance to save 20% on your next purchase with coupon code SERENTIS. Visit Lulu to redeem your coupon code today. Offer expires 16 November at 11:59 PM.

How does this promotion work?
This promotion is good for anything on the Lulu.com website. Browse the site for your next remarkable read, use the savings to purchase copies of your own book, or purchase one of our other great products or services.

Create a photo book or calendar to share with family and friends:
It’s fast, easy, and fun to create. You can choose from a range of sizes, cover types and free professionally designed templates. Photo books and/or calendars are a great way to save and share your digital photographs instead of ordering photo prints. Convert your digital photo albums into beautiful, high quality printed works of art to keep, sell and share with friends and loved ones. Try your hand at publishing a photo book or calendar today.

In my opinion the quality of the finished product isn’t quite as good as CreateSpace (sorry Lulu, I still have to be honest, even if you’re in my good books) but, I have to say, on delivery and ease of use they win hands down. It took only hours to prepare and upload a pdf for the interior and exterior. No need to wait for approval. Delivered in less than a week and I think it cost me £16 for two 300-page books and that was without the 20% discount. Not bad!

So why not get your novel off your laptop and into your hands? Makes it easier to proof read and pass to Beta readers, and it’s the best morale-boosting exercise I’ve ever done!