Dragon Wraiths – Amanda Martin

A review of Dragon Wraiths 🙂

Dragon-WraithsFormat: E-book (Kindle)
24th February 2013
3AD Publishing
341 pages

The Blurb
“My name is Leah. For a quarter of my life I have known the time and place of my death. I have spent the last four years running, from the truth, from the place. I can’t run from the time. It’s tomorrow.”

On Leah’s 12th birthday her parents are injured in a car crash. With her dying breath, Leah’s mother tells her she will join them when she turns 16. Which means Leah will die. That’s if the unseen enemies who murdered her parents don’t get her first. Leah seeks out Uncle Theo’s help to escape both the enemies and her prophesied fate. It seems a fool-proof plan, until she falls for Theo’s son Luke

Rating: 4/5

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