Sleep-deprivation and sport distraction

Me and my son holding the torch (we borrowed it!)

I’ve got behind on everything recently. I blame the weather. I have to, I’m British!

Actually, the weather isn’t helping much at the moment, random as it seems. For those reading across the pond, it has been raining in Britain since the water companies imposed a hose-pipe ban back in April. Seriously, I don’t know the statistics, but I would guess it has rained nearly every day since then. Not great when you have kids. There are only so many things to do indoors when you’re three and 21 months. I’ve taken to letting the kids take off their clothes and run around in the rain, or dressing them in their all-in-ones and wellies and heading out to find muddy puddles.

Anything to wear them out and help them sleep.

Child #2 is waking every few hours at the moment, largely I think because he isn’t tired. He’s a boy, he needs to run. Husband is snoring like a steam-train, because his hayfever seems to have gone off the scale with the rain. So, yes, I can blame the weather!

On the other hand, the sport distraction I can live with. My kids have had a hard lesson in “sometimes Mummy needs to watch her own TV programmes, rather than endless Peppa Pig,” as I have been following Bradley Wiggins in the Tour de France (fabulous rant, Bradley, well said) and Andy Murray at Wimbledon (great match, moving speech, thanks for making me cry!)

Watching the tennis final, my daughter decided to support the man in the bandage (Federer) and was very pleased that “her man won”. I am trying to be a good Mummy, and let her support whomever she wants to, rather than educating her in national pride at the tender age of three!

At the torch relay last week, my children inadvertently became part of the entertainment, as they ran around in the rain, jumping in huge puddles, while we stood in Burghley Park waiting for the torch. That is, until a steward asked my friend and I to stop our kids, as they were splashing bystanders, including a woman in white jeans. I ran over to apologise, but she couldn’t have been nicer about it, thankfully. I am always touched by how lovely complete strangers can be.

The kids and I also got to hold the torch afterwards, which hopefully Child #1 will at least remember when she is older. I certainly will!

All of this means I haven’t done much writing. I am trying to finish my Young Adult book Dragon Wraiths in time to enter it in the Mslexia Children’s Novel competition in September. However it is the first time I have had to create a World for a novel (my romances are all based in the UK or New Zealand), and it is proving a challenge, particularly on 2-3 hours’ sleep.

I spent today drinking gallons of tea, making notes on the history of my new World, and tying my brain in knots. It is more my husband’s sort of thing. I like reading fantasy and science fiction, and have always loved the worlds created, but I have never aspired to create my own. Well, until I woke one morning with this novel in my head. On the plus side, I re-read the 45,000 words already written and, apart from some inconsistencies in the history (due to lack of planning, ahem) I am pleasantly surprised at how well it reads. It’s always nice when it turns out you’ve exceeded your own expectations.

Anyway, husband is away tonight, so I’m looking forward to some snore-free sleep.

Time for bed.