Clubs, Jobs and Therapigs

Phew, what a month! September is always crazy, with back to school and son’s birthday. But this year has been extra mental with the son now eligible for school clubs.

Between them they now do Zumba, Indoor Bowls, Bridge, Fitness, Basketball, Brownies, Beavers, Swimming, Karate, Flute and Cornet.

That’s a lot of cheques, emails, kits, and a whole heap of headspace.

They haven’t even started half of them yet, that begins Monday, but just processing the details, alongside birthdays and vet appointments and windy weather and packed lunches for the fussitarian has about finished me off.

And the money! Oh my days. My cheque book is weeping.

So this month I’ve been trying really hard to get proper paid work. Grrr.

I’ve re-signed up to Findaproofreader (that cost £36) and renewed my website (another £36). And I’ve applied for two typing jobs. Failed the first test process, distracted by a crying puppy that was meant to be sleeping.

Passed the second rather more rigorous process, and got through a whole heap of security checks and referees and other employment palaver, only to discover not only is it minimum wage, based on my current typing speed (which is a not-too-shabby 80wpm) but also I need liability insurance and updated virus software. Which all would be at least another £100, if not double.

I can’t do it. I know about ‘speculate to accumulate’, but this is ridiculous for a £5 an hour, no guaranteed work job.

I have degrees. I have skills. I have a damn migraine!

Seriously, what do I tell my daughter? If you want kids, don’t bother with uni, train as a plumber or a hairdresser or an Electrician, because degrees don’t mean shit if you ever take a career break to raise sprogs.

Okay, I’m whinging I know, but when unskilled labour would pay me more than knowing the difference between elicit and illicit (one of the many tests I passed) I wish I didn’t have a brain, or an education, because then I wouldn’t feel such a failure.

Anyway, onwards and upwards. There’s always checkout jobs at Waitrose, although most part time work involves people and it’s not my strong suit these days! 😂

Thank goodness for therapigs. In a world of chaos there is always a little bit of guinea pig calm.

2 thoughts on “Clubs, Jobs and Therapigs

  1. You have my sympathy. I graduated in 1990. The careers advice for arts graduates then was to get a job in McDonalds. I worked with a cleaning contractor and ended up retraining and becoming a secretary, which was the job I had actually attended university specifically to avoid doing. I was every bit as crap as a secretary as I thought I would be. It all worked out in the end but it was … weird.

    I wish I could offer you some meaningful advice or help about jobs but as a fellow unemployable, I’m scratching my head a bit, myself. Best of luck with the clubs. I used to worry when I saw other people’s children going to choir, art club and everything else and my son stuck with football and boys brigade. These days I’m just pleased he has a few nights a week to get his homework done!



  2. Hehe my careers advice was to be a teacher. I keep coming back to it as a career, but there’s one fundamental problem: I don’t do people, especially children! I was told my history degree was a ‘management degree’ and so it was. I became a Marketing Manager. Unfortunately I was not a ‘management person’ 😂😂😂 If only I hadn’t failed the programmer entry test (despite getting 84%) because I suspect that might just have been my perfect job! No one expects IT to do people! 😊

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