The Narky Nines

I’ve just had my first week of living the narky nines and it does not bode well for the future. I thought the sarky sevens and insolent eights were bad but she’s upped it a level.

The full title is the narky narcissistic nightmare nines. If it isn’t passive-aggressive screaming sessions in her room, intended for a wide audience but just incomprehensible enough you have to engage (and further enrage) the beast to have a clue as to cause, it’s teenage-style pouting selfies wearing a ton of make up. The only spoken languages are sass and defensive sulking, and any form of gratitude is a thing of the past.

I’m exhausted, physically and mentally.

I lay upstairs today, after 24 hours of wakeover with her best mate (like a sleepover without the sleep) and realised I had nothing. No energy, no patience. No fucks to give. No idea what to cook for dinner. In the end I sent husband and hell brat off to McDonalds (with hell brat sulking all the way) so I could walk the dog in artic peace.

I know it gets worse. Don’t tell me, I haven’t bought my necessary vineyard yet. I’m going to need it!

In the meantime, hurrah for my therapigs… IMG_2721

2 thoughts on “The Narky Nines

  1. Thank goodness McMini is like I was. I well remember hitting 10 and everyone going on about boys. He has friends who are ‘dating’ people but he just says, ‘mummy I have my whole life to do all this adult stuff.’ Which is exactly what I told my mum. You have my sympathies. If it helps, when it did all kick off for me, my mum sat me down and taught me to do subtle makeup. She had managed to find an article about it in vogue or somewhere. So maybe embracing some of it all with a view to guiding or gently influencing? I dunno … but you have my sympathy. A lot of it. Remember the saying ‘everything’s just a phase.’ Here’s hoping.

    Hang in.



  2. Thanks! To be fair she watches endless YouTube videos on applying makeup and she’s pretty good at it. We had a chat about her attitude this morning. I threatened her with removal of gadgets and saw a slight hint of my little girl return. I hate stick rather than carrot parenting but sometimes it has to be done. Sigh. This too shall pass 😬

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