June Journals #11 ~ Love Your Library

Our Lovely Library

Our Lovely Library

We spent yesterday after school at our local library.

Usually Friday is Lego Club, but this week is Bookstart Week so they had colouring out instead.

I love colouring, it’s very therapeutic.

I also love our library. We go there at least a couple of times a week as we walk past after school. It’s just the best.

The staff work so hard to make it a welcoming place for children – even kids like mine who don’t go for the books.

They don’t have to be quiet (and frequently aren’t), there are toys and clubs to entertain and educate, and the staff are as good with children as the primary teachers. They don’t even mind my daughter cartwheeling everywhere.

Colouring Fun

Colouring Fun

Learning isn’t just books. Learning to share toys, building Lego creations, playing on the computers, interacting with the staff, it’s all great stuff.

I think people view libraries as out-dated, superseded by Amazon and Google.

That’s baloney.

Just as I think the emphasis on prolific reading as a sign of intelligence, and screen-time as pure evil, is also baloney. It depends on what’s in the book and what’s on the screen.

Some of the books aimed at my daughter’s age are just awful, enough to put her off reading for life, whereas many of the programs and games she engages with are massively educational and great for teaching human emotions. Well, the emotions of teenage dancers at least!


Oceans of Fun

Our library is tiny, and shares its space with the council, the Sure Start centre, and the registrar office. Yet it offers so much. Lessons in technology for silver surfers, chess club, Lego club, singing for the little ones, craft courses, history nights, music nights, school holiday activities.

And even though they hire out DVDs for a week cheaper than a Box Office download, above all they offer a place in the community where you aren’t expected to spend any money.

What’s not to like?

So if you’re at a loose end, even if you hate to read or don’t have kids, pop in to your local library.

You might be pleasantly surprised!



One thought on “June Journals #11 ~ Love Your Library

  1. We love our library. I have my eye on a few summer activities I think my son would like. Since we are both readers we use the library a lot. My son felt very grownup when he got his own library card.

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