June Journals #10 ~ Domestic / Duvet Day

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Taking Shape

My son was up all night again coughing, and I could barely wake him at 8am, so I kept him home from school.

I try to send the kids in if I can – I know attendance is important to the school – but equally it makes me cross that the kids are rewarded with a book for 100% attendance. So I never mind making sure my kids aren’t praised for something they have no control over.

I’m such a rebel. Ahem.

Although my ‘me’ time is precious, it’s fairly easy having a sick boy home, as he’s happy to watch TV all day, meaning I can still get stuff done and don’t get worn down by endless chatter.

Thankfully I rather like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (especially since the kids started karate and I recognise some of the terms) so it wasn’t awful doing the ironing watching that instead of Cinderella (I love that movie. One day I’ll write a post about why!)

I also got to work on sewing up the Jester. The making-up directions are not as clear as the knitting pattern itself, and I wish Alan Dart had included a few diagrams. I also suck at mattress stitch, but thankfully most of the seams will be hidden by pointy bits and bells!

The kids are a bit nonplussed: my daughter said the face looked like a duck, and then cried when I suggested that wasn’t the most tactful thing to say. My son thinks the toy’s bum is too big. Saying nothing. I’m proud of what I’ve done and that (should be) all that matters.

I even managed to squeeze in my Couch to 5k run after hubbie got home, although it was too hot to run fast. I rather spoiled it by coming back and polishing off my daughter’s dairy milk bar, but, hey, baby steps. Better than eating the chocolate and not doing the run!

I can’t believe it’s Friday already. Time is on roller skates these days. Best get on with my course: otherwise I’m going to blink and the kids will be home for six weeks instead of an extra six hours.



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