June Journals #1 ~ And it Rained

Enjoying the Rain

Enjoying the Rain

Looking out the window it doesn’t feel like the first of June. It’s been raining steadily since mid-morning yesterday.

Mostly that’s okay.

I still did yesterday’s Couch to 5k run in the rain. It was quite nice. Well, run is stretching it a bit. I’m only in week two and, as the App happily informs me, I ran for a sum total of 8 minutes. As we took hubbie to Pizza Express for a birthday lunch, and I polished off a pizza and a slab of cheesecake, I did some yoga and a quick zumba routine when I got home. To be honest it was that or ironing – the kids were kind of occupying themselves without screaming, and hubbie was sleeping off lunch.

It’s always funny how I get more done when the kids are home than when they’re not these days. If I stop and look like I’m enjoying my leisure: reading a book or having a nap or – Goodness Me – watching a program I want to watch, they’re there in an instant.

I started watching Les Miserables while ironing the other day and within ten minutes both children were in the lounge fidgeting and chattering. If I did that through one of their programs there would be huffs and sighs and tantrums.

Actually, I did all of the above! In the end, as I’ve never seen Les Mis, and had no hope of following the sung dialogue amidst the muttering, I stomped over to the TV and put one of their movies on. Which meant they promptly left the room leaving me to fume and watch High School Musical on my own.

FullSizeRender (2)

At least it looks pretty!

So while they were actually occupied I cleaned the kitchen, re-waxed the table, mopped the floor, did some laundry, ran the dog, and did two exercise classes. Why can’t I do all that when they’re at school? It can’t just be having the day broken in half by the school run. Maybe we all need to feel like the boss is watching.

Anyway, I’m rambling.

I’m taking them to a Gym this morning so my daughter can hang upside down and my son can complain about being bored. Oh and I hear shrieking has started upstairs – that’ll be because I did something other than housework. Blogging counts as leisure.

That’ll teach me.

P.S. I forgot my ‘positive’ bit. As I listened to hubbie snoring at 4am this morning I was lucky enough to also hear the beginning of the dawn chorus. A bird sat right outside my open window and launched its heart into a beautiful melody, which was then picked up and carried on towards the distant rising sun. It was breathtaking and lulled me back to sleep. I am blessed.

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