Playing Away From Home

I don’t know how to admit this, but it’s been playing on my conscience. I have neglected you, my family, for another.

The is someone else. What can I say? It was new, exciting, secret.

I thought I could keep you both happy, that no one would know. But then I saw the truth – I was keeping part of myself from you.

There it is, the truth is out. There is another. Another Blog.

Mummy Fit By Forty.

My new place to ramble and try to work out life. An attempt to galvanise myself into getting fit enough to keep up with my kids.

It’s not going so well. The initial excitement is waning. It’s hard. It’s lonely.

So if I’m ever missing from here, I might be there. But you will always be my first, my family. 🙂

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