Yummy Ella Crumble

Apple Crumble

Apple Crumble

It’s been a while since I shared my progress with Deliciously Ella, the cook book I purchased in an attempt to eat less sugar.

Apart from making a range of smoothies every day (mostly my own invention, like cucumber, pear, apple juice and aloe vera) I haven’t actually used the book in a while.

Then, during half term, my friend (who bought the book after I showed her my copy) made us the quinoa and broccoli dish and it was scrummy.

My own attempt was less delicious, but that was probably because I got my tahini and tamara muddled up (it is a bit like learning a new language!) so there was too much sesame and not enough salt.

Today I ended up taking my daughter to the minor injuries unit at 7.30am because her wrist was still hurting after a week (nothing serious, apparently, although it didn’t help that she decided to be brave and not tell the nurse when it hurt! Sigh) so we all missed breakfast.

My son made up for it with four rounds of toast, at playgroup and football, and nothing else, so I decided to make a healthy pudding to top up his nutrients after tea. Crumble is his absolute favourite – pretty much the only way he’ll eat fruit that isn’t dried. But I couldn’t be bothered to make the topping, after all my weekend baking, so I dipped into Deliciously Ella.

As you can see from the picture, the recipe is very low hassle. About the only effort is melting the coconut oil (and I held it over the boiling pasta pot for a minute which did the trick!)

As you can also see from the picture, I tweaked the recipe a bit. Ella’s recipes always make far too much. I used roughly a third of the ingredients, together with four tiny apples and a fruit pot, and it made enough for four people.

I also included pumpkin seeds and brazil nuts to add a little crunch and extra flavour. It was delicious. I did serve with custard, but aside from that there was no butter, refined sugar or wheat flour in it.

Unfortunately, after a bowl of broccoli pasta and two yoghurts my son wasn’t hungry and didn’t eat his! Shame. All the more for Mummy and Daddy. We need nutrients too, right?


4 thoughts on “Yummy Ella Crumble

  1. I really like the idea of deliciously Ella. I use a lot of stevia and xylitol (sugar made from other things which is healthier). I am just not certain I’ll be able to source some of the weird stuff. Definitely thinking of giving it a go though. The idea of sugar free brownies has massive appeal, for starters. 🙂

    • I bought most of the ingredients in ASDA or Tesco, a couple in Waitrose. Maybe you should check out her blog, I know at least the brownie recipe is on there. Definitely use the medjool dates for that one and only make a few as they don’t keep for more than a couple of days. I use a lot less sugar in general baking too. I just reduce it or swap it for other things until it tastes yuk! That said I still stuff my face with chocolate!

      • I do at certain times of the month but the rest of it I’m ok. I make chocolate sauce with coconut oil, date syrup and coco heated up in a saucepan… It comes out pleasantly fudgy. You can get stevia chocolate too if you’re going for low gi/sugar free. I’ve been doing that because I heard that it helps reduce swollen joints so I’m doing it for my knee…

      • Ooh that chocolate sauce sounds yum! I’ve been making hot choc with raw cocoa and agave syrup but it’s a little bitter still.
        I hadn’t heard that about swollen joints – definitely worth monitoring if my knee is worse when I’ve been bingeing!

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