Feeling Crap and a Cry for Help

My novel for 9yos

My novel for 9yos

My radio silence during and after a school break seems to be getting longer and longer. I think as parenting becomes increasingly complicated, and my children’s language and questions become more and more sophisticated, my brain is squeezed dry when they’re home for twenty days straight!

I did write one blog post during the Easter holidays, but I couldn’t find enough silence to finish it.

Then, once the children were back at school and nursery, there were doctors, dentists and vets to see, housework to catch up on. A mountain of ironing. But mostly there was apathy, illness and subsequent writer’s block.

Every time I even thought about writing, a massive headache crushed my brain and I slept instead.

I have, however, read LOADS! The blog post I’ve half written is all about the great children’s authors I’ve discovered. It turns out fiction for nine year olds is also perfect for harassed mummies with little free time and a microscopic attention span.

The only downside is it increases my nervousness about writing children’s fiction. While there are admittedly some mediocre books for under tens, there are also some amazing ones. It’s going to be a difficult market to crack. Especially as I can’t find anyone I trust to give me an honest opinion on my progress so far.

So that’s where you come in. I’ve cobbled together an ebook of my first complete novel for c.9yo children, currently called Cat Girl Sophie (working title!). It’s only second draft, it certainly shouldn’t be live in the web world. But I’ve made it five bucks, so hopefully no one will buy it!

But if it happened that anyone reading this blog also regularly reads (or writes!) children’s fiction, or has a child that does, and would be prepared to give some honest and constructive feedback, well that would be marvellous. Or perhaps not, if the feedback is ‘give up now.’

You’re a nice bunch, though, and I know you’ll take into consideration this is only a draft. If you are interested, visit Smashwords and use the code SD75M for a free copy. Thank you! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Feeling Crap and a Cry for Help

  1. Sorry you’re having a rough time. I’m struggling to write lately too. Kids do take up so much brain space! Happy to read the book (and see if my 10yo will, if it’s about cats, she just might) if you like.

      • Sure, just send me an email.

        I don’t know how people who send their children to school cope. All that packing lunch, and making sure they have clean clothes and their hair brushed by a certain time. Not to mention homework… 🙂

      • Thankfully mine get free school meals until they are seven, as packed lunches (or what to feed the kids in general) give me a constant headache. At the moment homework isn’t too bad but school assemblies and things take up a chunk of time. I’ve just realised there won’t be much extra free time when the second starts school on September! Just extra uniform laundry, reading and paperwork! 🙂

      • Got the book, will try to take a look in the next couple of days. It’s raining here, so perfect reading weather!

        Free lunches are pretty cool. We don’t have anything like that here. Yes, I bet all the school activities take up a chunk of time. Let’s face it, mums are busy no matter what!

  2. Kids suck the life right out of you…and when they’re on vacation? It’s just almost unbearable!! 🙂

    I feel your pain my friend. Hope you are doing better soon.

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