Big Blog Giveaway

A knitted cat

A knitted cat

It’s been a long time coming but my blog is slowly approaching 500 followers. It feels like time for a celebration, so I’m planning a giveaway of sorts.

I haven’t decided what or how yet, but it might involve free books, knitted cats and quite possibly chocolate.

Watch this space.

Spread the word!

(Pssst! Any ideas on how to do a giveaway?! I guess rafflecopter is the way but I haven’t used it before. Or do I give a prize to the 500th follower? Any tips? How does it work internationally? And what would you rather have? Books, toys, chocolate or all of the above?!)

4 thoughts on “Big Blog Giveaway

  1. Amanda!!!! Long time, no write!!!!! I love your knitted kitten. And thanks for continuing to ‘like’ my posts! I wish I had some ideas about those giveaway things, but I haven’t a clue how to do it. I take it you are busy with your children and possibly volunteering? I am going to look you up. I see your blog flash across my phone ever so often. Then it is gone. See you in Blogland!

  2. I thought you were giving away that adorable knitted cat! 🙂 Books, toys, or chocolate work well too, though. Congratulations on your ever-growing band of followers. Not surprised that so many are enjoying your blog! 🙂

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