Art in August #15 – Loomband Crochet Flower

Loomband Flower

Loomband Flower

I had a loomband crisis today, after reading all the news articles on cheap bands potentially being carcinogenic. Especially after 4,200 cheap bands turned up in the post. As usual I panicked and thought about throwing all my bands in the bin. Rationality – in the shape of my husband – suggested it probably wasn’t that bad. None of the things I make are worn, and I’m the only person who does much looming.

I have suggested my daughter wash her hands after looming, and I have ordered some official bands (10x the cost!) for the gift creations I’m making, but I’ve kept all my cancerous bands. I get through that many bands a week, pretty much, so I’ll just try and limit my looming when these are all gone. I can’t afford to make big projects with official bands! I can only assume they’re cheaper in the US.

Anyway, today I’ve been experimenting with loomless banding, using a crochet technique as demonstrated on FeelinSpiffy/CraftingFantastic tutorials. The flower is a bit wobbly but I think that’s partly because some of the bands were different sizes. I have to say, crochet has always terrified me but, when my loomband obsession has worn off, I might have to see if there are crochet tutorials on YouTube too. At least wool isn’t going to give me cancer!

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