Art in August #11 – Loomband Purses

Loomband Purses

Loomband Purses

I think I should have probably called this month’s posts the Summer Loomband Challenge or something, as there hasn’t been all that much in the way of art so far this August. Instead there have been far too many I’m-sadly-obsessed loom-band creations.

Today’s efforts were a labour of love, especially the second one, on the left, as each purse took over 1500 bands and at least five hours of repetitive looming.

Although the design is deceptively simple, and needs only a single loom, I still managed to get into a pickle with both when it came to casting off, and at least half an hour was spent sweating and cursing as I grabbed at disappearing bands with a blunt hook.

I must also credit the tutorial video, made by a young and confident girl from Craft Life who talked through the details. It is no fault of hers that my flaps curl and there are several holes and emergency knotted bands. The link to the tutorial is here.

I do miss my pets, though, so I think I’ll go back to my four-legged friends. Another dragon maybe, or a zebra or guinea pig. Hubbie asked if I was going to unravel some of my creations or buy more bands. Hmmmm. Well, the bands aren’t much use once they’ve been modelled, so new bands it is!

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