Art in August #7 – Loomband Unicorns

Rockin' Unicorns

Rockin’ Unicorns

Oh look, more loomband creations! This one was my daughter’s choice, as it was just the two of us today (and after we made a cardboard robot and a clay unicorn).

The brightly coloured one is hers (at least, she selected the bands! At 5 years old, her attention span and dexterity aren’t quite up to this yet.)

Unfortunately the sparkly bands are very soft so I hoped the unicorn pegasus would stand up better if made with solid bands. As you can see it didn’t make much difference: they’re still either newborn or drunk.

Never mind, I think they look quite rock and roll! If only my clay unicorn had looked as cool. It was so awful I squished it and my daughter made a snowman instead.

A day with my gorgious girl

A day with my gorgeous girl

On a non-artistic note, I’ve made it to the end of the second week of the school holidays; only four more to go (thank goodness we only have six).

While I’m certainly not missing the school run, we are all starting to unravel and to get on each other’s nerves. My son’s report from nursery today was that he’d been ‘challenging’, I spent two hours trying to sleep through Doc McStuffin episodes, and then had to carry my 5-year-old round the field on my shoulders, while walking the dog, because she got a blister.

When we got home from nursery pick-up, little man managed three tantrums in about ten minutes and little lady had two. The house looks like the aftermath of a three-day sugar-fuelled festival for preschoolers and the dog’s taken to following me around like a shadow. I haven’t figured out if she wants a walk or some respite from the constant arguing.

Life-sized robot

Life-sized robot

This evening, despite the less than desirable behaviour, I ordered the kids a GlowPet pillow pet each, as bribery/compensation because I’ve cancelled our planned trip to Sea Life tomorrow (I can’t face it!)

But as the pillows won’t arrive for a week I still have to come up with a plan for entertainment or they are going to murder each other.

Please tell me how any of us are going to survive another month? Thank heavens for Art in August, Facebook and Escape to the Country… Oh and chocolate.

2 thoughts on “Art in August #7 – Loomband Unicorns

  1. I honestly think I do somewhat better when I get out of the house, but I can only do so every 3-4 days with the kids during summer. For instance, if we spent a day at the water park or Wildlife Center, I’d need about 3 days to recover. My kids need a lot of outdoor time which is hard because it’s so flipping hot where we live, but I found that if I forced (ok, strongly encouraged) them to go outside in the morning for half and hour or so they adjusted to the heat and were better behaved. I also hid in my closet a lot. And, well, you saw the pics of my house yesterday. Only a few more weeks. Sending you lots of good vibes!

    • When they were little we went out pretty much every day because they were better behaved (and I could strap them in the double buggy). Now I find it exhausting because of the fighting and whining and demands for toys and ice cream. And the ingratitude, oh my. I could take them to the moon to meet aliens and all they would say is, When can we go to Mars Mummy? Except today. Today they scared me with their ‘you’re the best Mummy in the whole world’ while we were out swimming and at McD because they want GlowPets. Not sure that’s a parenting success!

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