Art in August #5 – IPad Art

Doodle Dragon

Doodle Dragon

I’m still sick. I don’t even know what’s wrong with me. Maybe I’m just plain exhausted, although if that’s true only a quarter of the way through the summer holidays we’re all in trouble.

I stayed in bed for a couple of hours but after the fifth, “both of you get in here right now!” in response to the escalating squabbles that seems to have marked week two of the holidays, I hauled myself into the shower and took us off to the supermarket to buy popcorn and DVDs.

The trip out finished me off, so I lay on the sofa while the kids watched Angry Birds Toons and Elmo goes to Grouchland (their choices, sigh.)

I didn’t even have the energy for reading or loombands, but every time I lay down both kids piled on me for a cuddle (which, if you don’t have 3 and 5 year-old children, is a bit like the judo I watched in the Commonwealth Games).

Doodle Firebird

Doodle Firebird

So I decided to do my August Art on the iPad, using the children’s KidsDoodle app. Oh my, it’s amazing. My fingers are big and clumsy – I really needed a stylus which I don’t have – but I had so much fun. There are a whole range of brush types, but you can’t control the colour – a different colour comes every time you touch the screen. Very difficult to draw eyes!

I couldn’t choose which of my random creations I liked best so – as the children do – I saved them all.

Here’s to feeling better tomorrow!

This post is part of the Art in August challenge on the Laptop on the Ironing Board blog.



4 thoughts on “Art in August #5 – IPad Art

  1. Love those! Need to check out my big boy’s iPad. I have to say that my hat goes off to you – I never do these kind of things with my kids, usually because it invariably ends in tears (mine!).

    • Oh me too. Thankfully we have three iPads so mostly it isn’t an issue and we do our own thing. I did get upset when the 3yo started embellishing my portrait of him (day 6), but I hit undo and then save (hence why it’s not finished). We do have an ownership problem, especially with the loom-bands. Everything I make my daughter considers to be hers. When I made the dragon I made a point of saying ‘it’s mine’ and my daughter burst into tears. I wondered why it mattered so much to me but it does seem, as a Mummy, very little actually belongs to you!

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