Art in August #1 – Loom-band Dragon

Loom-band Dragon

Loom-band Dragon

My first artistic endeavour in August had to be a loom-band creation. I have taken to the new craze like a hormonal woman to wine and chocolate. I particularly love the 3D creations and today I have made a bunny, two monkeys and a dragon.

Of course, for obvious reasons, the dragon is my favourite. I made it using this YouTube tutorial. I might have to figure out how to give it proper wings, and then I can do one in each set of colours for the cast of Dragon Wraiths.

This post is part of the Art in August challenge, as described on the Laptop on the Ironing Board blog.

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14 thoughts on “Art in August #1 – Loom-band Dragon

  1. That is an AMAZING creation. Is this only a British craze? I haven’t seen anything like this here in America yet and I WANT TO SEE IT. Maybe I’m just disconnected from pop culture? Don’t know, but I’m telling my kids about this. They will absolutely love this. Thank you!

    • Many of the YouTube videos are American – I think it came to us from you. I remember reading posts about how much mothers hated loom bands months ago… It’s a great thing for older kids who can be trusted not to leave the bands everywhere or around their fingers (I insist they use a pen or fork or loom) and for parents of course!

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