Eking Out The Words

Sometimes you have to get down to graft

Sometimes you have to get down to graft

I finally got back to work on Class Act this week but, my goodness, it’s like pulling teeth. I’m unfortunately at a juncture in the novel where the protagonist is tackling something from her past as her relationship with the male lead hots up.

I didn’t write these scenes the first time through – not deliberately, it just didn’t come out in the first draft. I don’t do sex and I don’t do conflict, and these scenes have both. Only, writing them in my current frame of mind, I feel like I’m trying to make a porcelain tea set using a hammer and chisel.

It’s tempting to delete everything I’ve painfully written this morning – all three hundred measly words – but sometimes you just need something on the page to edit, and move on.

Occasionally you look back and it isn’t as awful as you remember. Mostly, you look back and get out a big fat red pen and fix it. All I know is I’ll never have a manuscript to get to Beta Readers if I don’t push on through. As lovely as it is that I sold 30 copies of Baby Blues and got a new five star review (and it is lovely!) it’s only going to work if I keep writing.

Sometimes the 300 words, eked out one cup of tea at a time, are as important and precious as the three thousand rattled off in good order. They’re all steps up the mountain.

6 thoughts on “Eking Out The Words

  1. I totally know what that feels like! My particular nemesis is fight scenes, which always feel wooden and forced at the time I’m writing them. Setting a modest word count goal, like your three hundred words, is the only way I’ve found to get them down! Then it’s time to let them rest and await the power of the red pen.
    The only way through is forward. 🙂
    (Congrats on the five star review!)

  2. I know how you feel. I have trashed entire paintings because the bulk of the work does not fit in with the “best ” part. And all has to work together. But the cool thing, is, that all that work I trashed (even the best part) resides somewhere in my brain. Ready to be a jump off point for the next project.

    Let’s hope what I say is true, in my case. And in yours!!! 🙂

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