Monkey Mailing Lists and Mind-numbing Stats

Finally set up a mailing list

Finally set up a mailing list

I’ve spent the last 24 hours catching up on all the internet-based work tasks I’ve avoided since about Christmas, when illness drove me away from Twitter and to the comforting arms of a good book.

My free promotion for Dragon Wraiths started at 8am yesterday and, in the hopes of making it more successful than my countdown deals (which resulted in one single, lonely, sale) I knew I would need to have an online presence.

There isn’t much you can fix in a day, but I did my best. I woke up my dormant twitter account, caught up on my writermummy facebook page and finally wrote the Goodreads reviews on all the lovely books I’ve read in the past few weeks (some of them, anyway, I still have a couple more to do).

The first day of my promotion has been okay, considering the lack of preparation. I even made it to number 1 in a category in France! You take success where you can! I don’t regret my six-week sabbatical from Twitter. I realised it wasn’t the platform for me: I got out much less than I found myself putting in. In the writer’s journey I’ve realised that I am happy with a slowly-slowly slightly haphazard approach while I concentrate on improving my craft and raising my kids. I intend to read the Kristen Lamb book I got for Christmas at some point, and I am implementing tips on sales and marketing I pick up on blogs and forums, but you can only do what you can do.

Reaching #1 in a category on :)

Reaching #1 in a category on 🙂

One thing I have finally got around to, however, is setting up a mailing list for people to sign up to if they want news on promotions and new releases. I’ve been meaning to do it for ages but was galvanised into action by realising that there are forty people on Goodreads who have marked Dragon Wraiths as ‘to-read’ and I have no way to tell them it’s currently free. I’ve been shy of creating a mailing list before, seeing it as a bit spammy, but now I can see there might actually be some people who want to know when I’m running a giveaway or when my next book will be out.

I’m still figuring out the ins and outs of Mailchimp, the provider I selected after a ten second internet search at 1am this morning, but I’ve tested the form and it seems to work (except it gives out my home address which I’m not thrilled about). If you want to add your email to the list, the link is to the right in the margin, or click on the image in this post, and I promise never to be spammy. 🙂

Now I’m off to see if I’ve reached the top ten in any more random categories on Amazon (I’m doing well in Coming of Age and Sword and Scorcery). It’s my favourite part of a free giveaway!

10 thoughts on “Monkey Mailing Lists and Mind-numbing Stats

  1. Pop Into GoodReads and mention its free on a couple of the YA groups. They love free books!

    Signed up to your mailing list. Mailchimp seems to be one of the best from all I hear. Hope you get lots of signups!

    • Thanks Rinelle. I did pop into the forums but read a few ‘we hate people who only come here to promote without talking to us first’ posts and backed away. Didn’t want to offend anyone! I’ll have another look. Glad mailchimp is an okay choice.

      • Yeah, you do have to pick and choose your forums a bit. Some are open to it, others not so much. I’ve found that if they have a form dedicated to free books (and other authors are posting there), then it’s usually ok.

  2. Congrats! I’m sure this will only be the beginning of your success. 🙂

    Have you considered Pinterest? It’s not for everyone, but I like it, and I’m finding it very useful for keeping track of pictures that inspire me in my writing (as well as finding new ones!). I like it much better than Twitter. In fact, I’m seriously considering abandoning my account. It just isn’t the platform for me.

    I’ve heard of Mailchimp. I’d love to hear your thoughts, after a few months of using it, on how useful you found it.

    • I used Pinterest a lot in the early days of discovery, thought it was a brilliant way to collate all the research I do for my writing. Then I read a case about someone getting sued for copyright infringement and I panicked. Since then I only pinned my own pictures from the blog. I forgot my password about a year ago and haven’t pinned anything since. Maybe it’s time to resurrect it!
      Will let you know how I get on with Mailchimp!

  3. I use mail chimp… or at least I try to use it. It’s actually quite user friendly but I still manage to be completely crap at it. I hope the freebie goes well. I’ve just made my first book perma free… not sure how it’ll pan out though. I got just over 100 downloads in the UK and 5 of them went on to buy the Wrong Stuff, which was a better hit rate than I anticipated.

    All the best with it anyway.



    • Thanks. I think perma-free works well with a series (which none of mine are!) I have a love-hate relationship with free and swear I won’t do it. Then sales drop off and it feels like a quick fix! At least someone’s downloading my books even if they don’t read them 😉

      • The love hate thing is kind of how I feel too. It’s a lot of work to give away for free but if it helps more readers to discover my stuff I’m happy with it.



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