Bridport and Baby Blues

My Goodreads Giveaway

My Goodreads Giveaway

I wrote a long rambling post for the blog today about parenting, love and life, following on from a spectacularly low point on the school run this morning, that started with yelling in the traffic jam and ended up with daughter and I both in tears. But, if I’m tired of thinking about my failings as a parent then I’m sure you’re tired of reading about them. So I’m going to talk writing instead.

I finally listed a Giveaway on Goodreads this week to win a paper copy of Baby Blues and Wedding Shoes. It’s open to all the countries I can ship to easily from Amazon, so if you fancy reading it, or just like a chance at a freebie, do pop over to Goodreads and sign up, and tell your friends! 🙂

Continuing on a writing theme, I spotted a couple of my Baby Blues bookmarks in a stand at the library today in what turned out to be a rack of leaflets on the Bridport Prize. For those who don’t know, the Bridport Prize is one of the most well-known short story (plus flash fiction and poetry) competitions in the UK, with a first prize of £5000. I think about entering every year, but I haven’t written anything shorter than 100,000 words in years. If you have, and fancy your chances, the closing date is 31st May 2014. (I can’t put any more details at present because the website doesn’t seem to be working, but this is the link).

Brittle Star Competition

Brittle Star Competition

Next to the Bridport flyer was another writing competition with a March 2014 closing date, again for short stories and poetry. This is the Brittle Star inaugural poetry and short fiction competition closing on 12th March 2014. The prizes are much more modest (£250 per genre) but all winners will be published in Brittle Star and invited to a launch and prize giving event in London (a great chance for networking!)

Incidentally, if you want to keep up to date with UK writing competitions, I recommend visiting (and following) the Sally Jenkins – Writer blog. Sally Jenkins’ frequently lists details of writing competitions both big and small as well as lots of hints and tips and great resources. I learned about the Mslexia Children’s Novel Competition from her and, if I hadn’t, I might never have finished Dragon Wraiths. I’m very grateful!

9 thoughts on “Bridport and Baby Blues

  1. wow! Congratulations.
    I wrote a toddlers potty training picture book and tried to get that published and failed miserably and that has put me off trying anything else. 😦
    You have all my admiration and respect 🙂

    • Self publishing is my answer! I actually started dragging all your posts into a word doc, to send to you (after we had a discussion about how great your blog is and how you should do something with it and you said you didn’t know where to start!) I never finished it but I will one day. Don’t be discouraged, your writing is great and it’s an exciting time to be a writer, a time of opportunity

      • awwwwww… THAT is one of the nicest things (if not THE nicest) someone who has never met me, has ever done.
        Thank you.
        Hmmm….maybe i will do a bit of research on self publishing
        Hmmmmm…..maybe i should just write more than one potty training book.
        Especially as Thing 2 still poops his pants so it obviously wasn’t that good a book 😉

      • There is definitely more to life than potty training! 🙂 Actually I avoided all potty training books as I found everyone had a different theory (most of which would never have worked for me). Although I’m sure yours was awesome! 😉
        I definitely think you should consider writing: I know you said recently you weren’t sure what you were going to do when both Things were at school and maybe going back into Law wasn’t the answer. Of course it depends on your motivations. Writing is never going to make big bucks (unless you’re very very lucky or very very prolific or both) but it’s satisfying and challenging and there is a great online community of support and encouragement. It was the best decision I ever made (although some days I’d give at least one limb to be back in an office actually earning money…)
        If you wrote a book in the style of your blog, about life as an ex-pat parent and the cute things your kids say, I’d buy it.

  2. Hi Amanda, thanks for posting info about our writing competition at Brittle Star. I just wanted to let you know we’ve extended the deadline to 21st March as we now have an online entry system as well as the traditional method.

    To enter online go to and follow the instructions (don’t forget to read the competition rules). You can pay by Paypal or by card.

    Warmest wishes
    Martin (Brittle Star)

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