It’s the pure life…REALLY???

I’ve never been to Costa Rica but it sounds like we could all learn more about living the Pure Life.

Culture Monk

pura vida

~ “Pura Vida

Everywhere I go in Costa Rica people say to me “Pura Vida

—) Last night the taxi driver who drove us to the hostel said to us, “Pura Vida

—) This morning at coffee the barista said to me “Pura Vida

—) While I was stopped on the side of the road in traffic, a guy walking alongside our rental car said to me with a smile, “Pura Vida

The straight up translation in English for Pura Vida is “The Pure Life” and refers to the Costa Rican way of life and their passion for preserving the beauty of nature (they are one of the Greenest and most pro-environment countries in the world)……but in truth, Pura Vida means so much moreto Costan Rican’s…in fact, they use the phrase to refer to just about anything that makes them happy…

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