4 thoughts on “An open letter to Michael Gove

  1. I follow your blog. When I saw this repost, I checked it out. Probably was a bad idea, because I got so involved, I couldn’t stop reading it. I read each and every comment, and then, sadly, left me two cents worth. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Thank you and thank you for your comment on behalf of us Brits that support our teachers and want the best for our children. I admit, before I did some teaching and knew teachers, I thought the long holidays (vacations) and short hours were appealing. I was so wrong and freely admit it. A teacher friend of mine is a mother of three and barely sees her kids in term time.
      My daughter started school this year and I’m pleased they don’t even offer after school clubs for the first two years, deeming the school day long and tiring enough for a 5 year old.
      I don’t know what the solution to education is in the UK, I just know it needs someone more empathetic and open to debate than the current man in the job!

      • Thank you and my apologies to you. For some unknown reason, I was under the impression that you were from the USA. But, I guess that makes my comment to the author of The Uphill Struggle even more pertinent. Good luck with your battle.

      • I think we’ll need it! 🙂

        Funny, people often think I’m from the US or Australia rather than the UK. It shows how universal blogging is (and how irrelevant our country of origin is most of the time!) I read so many blogs from all over, my spelling and language are fairly mixed! 🙂

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