‘The Motherhood’ feat: Day #5 of the 2013 365 Challenge.

You can find the full Motherhood feat video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNVde5HPhYo Worth a watch!

You can find the full Motherhood feat video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNVde5HPhYo Definitely worth a watch!

I love this installment because I managed to include my latest favourite viral advert in the story.

Created by Fiat, ‘The Motherhood’ feat is for all those Mums who juggle small children and work. Or for any Mums really. Or anyone who fancies a giggle or enjoys clever word-usage.

By the way, I should probably add that my story is entirely fictional. I don’t work for Vodafone, Birds Eye, Coca Cola, Starbucks or the Youth Hostel Association, nor do I know much about them except that they are strong brands.

Any lawyers reading that think I might get into trouble for bandying these names around please give me a heads up and I’ll start inventing some fictional brands!


“So, you’re being pushed out then? I wouldn’t stand for that if I was you.” Steve grinned at Claire as the two of them sat in Starbucks with a stack of paperwork on the table in front of them.

“I am not being pushed out, thank you very much. The Board want me to prove my loyalty, that’s all. I’m on the up.”

“Bollocks. Whoever heard of a Company sending its top Account Director out of the office for a full year? You’ve got windmills in your head if you believe that rubbish. They’re hoping you’ll get sick of it and quit so they don’t have to pay you severance pay, you mark my words.”

Claire glared at Steve as he voiced the concern that had been buzzing round her mind for a week. Once she had had time to think it through it seemed ludicrous that a company would continue to pay her a generous salary while she dossed around the country writing a few Tweets and posting some snaps on Facebook. It was clear that Steve was right. She had been at AJC for three years and her severance pay would be at least a year’s salary. Much better to have her sweat it out in grubby hostels for a few weeks so that she would be grateful to hand in her notice.

There’s no alternative, I will just have to stick it out. If I resign now, not only will I have to work my three months’ notice, I’ll have to put up with the likes of Carl and Steve smirking at me every single day knowing I couldn’t hack it.

Happy to have made his point regarding her secondment, Steve moved onto a fresh topic of torment. “So come on, spill the beans, what happened to Lover Boy? One minute you’re practically renting a lunch time slot at Yo! Sushi together, next thing you’re back to chomping an M&S salad in your office. Dumped you, did he?”

“It’s none of your business Steve.” Claire looked up from her laptop and stared into Steve’s muddy brown eyes, holding his gaze until he looked away.

“Perhaps we could concentrate on the accounts? You know, work? The Vodafone ad is being filmed tomorrow and we’re still trying to pin them down to tell us what airtime their Board is going to let them have.” She took a sip of her latte before replacing the cup on the table. “Apparently the new cheese is all about SEO and viral media rather than more traditional channels.”

Steve sat back, his face more serious although his eyes still danced with mischief. “Get Jimmy on to it, he’ll create something for them. Like that great Fiat Motherhood video. The missus was in hysterics, sent it to all her friends.”

Claire had seen the video but failed to see the humour. Three months in Pyjamas and comparing episiotomy scars? What was funny about that? It just confirmed her view that having kids was a foolish idea. Whatever Michael had thought about the subject.


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