The story of a Writer/Mummy

I read somewhere (probably in The Week, as it’s my only grown-up reading material) that I belong to the Slash-Slash Generation. It might not have been worded quite like that, as it makes us sound like mass-murderers, which is a bit more tabloid than The Week would like to class itself.

What it basically said was that we (that is, people in their twenties and thirties) no longer have just one career in our lives. Instead we undertake many roles, often simultaneously. For example I am, variously, Marketing Manager / Photographer / Artist / Consultant / Writer / Mummy.

Okay, that gives me more slashes than an axe-wielding maniac, but you get my drift.

The point is, if we are no longer just one thing, then surely we can be brave enough to try anything at least once?

So, right now, I am wearing the role of Writer/Mummy. And, to coin a worn-out phrase (I may be a writer but I love a good cliché), this is my story…

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